Back in 2015, I began writing an episodic serial about kids fighting their way through the apocalypse. But after six episodes, I realized I had a problem. As much as I love writing in the serial/novella format (and I really do), the story and everything I wanted to explore was simply outgrowing the page count. Episode 6 was 50% longer than Episode 5. Episode 7 would have been…well, way way – way longer.


The new series is called Palimpsest. It’s not a common word to be sure, but I fell in love with the whole concept from the moment I discovered it and read the definition, which, for those that might not know and don’t feel like looking it up, means something that has been altered or repurposed, but still bears visible traces of its earlier form.

The series explores social norms, identity and challenges expectations, but that was only the recipe, and I won’t bore you with any more of it; suffice to say that it is mostly gluten-free…and now it belongs to you, to find whatever meaning you want or just to enjoy the adventures. They begin with Feral, and I do hope you enjoy them.

Did that sound stuffy?

Because seriously, there’s zombies and post-apocalyptic mercenaries and evil corporations and mutations and science stuff and creepy guys in gas masks and stabby stabby scary and buckets and buckets of icky, so – not so literary stuff. Maybe I should have led with that, huh?  🙂


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